DC Farm’n

Things I do in DC:


Clagett Farm (workshare/harvest/CSA)
(I go every Saturday morning 8-1)
They  usually announce what they’ll have for the share:  http://cbf.typepad.com/clagett_farm/


Wangari Gardens (apprenticeship/public gardens and private community plots)
Every Sunday at 9am: yoga
Every Sunday at 12pm: Solar cooking
Every Sunday at 1pm: garden workshops https://wangarigardens.wordpress.com/workshops/
There is also a weekly newsletter and, as an apprentice, my project will be adding a recap of the week’s workshop so let me know if you want to join the list-serve.


Neighborhood Farm Initiative
Every Wednesday 5:30-8:30pm: “Healthy and Happy Hour”


K Street Farm with DC Greens:
http://dcgreens.org/farm-walker-jones/ have Sunday (10-4) open volunteer

Three Part Harmony Farm
Amazing once-acre farm run by the venerable Gail Taylor
Workshares who commit to coming at least 3-4 times a month, get a share for the weeks they work 🙂

Lessons Learned From Leslie Knope

Jessica Eve Kennedy

Parks-and-Rec-2This month marks the beginning of the end for Parks and Recreation fans, as the final season starts its brief run. This wonderful show, exploring the trials and tribulations of local government, was the gift that gave generously throughout its seven years. Perhaps the biggest gift of all was its leading lady, Leslie Barbara Knope, an icon to many and the future president of the United States. In Leslie, Parks presented viewers with the warm-hearted, ambitious heroine that they had long deserved.

The fact that Leslie Knope was so impressive while still hugely relatable, a woman pushing forward in a world built for men, meant that it became easy to learn from her mistakes and heed her best advice. Here are some of the gems that Leslie Knope has bestowed unto us humble Padawans.

  1. Be ambitious.

"2024. I win. We move in there. I'll take the West Wing. You take the East Wing. You can be the First Gentleman." “2024. I win. We move in there. I’ll take the West Wing. You take the East Wing…

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Red kuri squash pie with a coconut flour & almond milk crust

I cannot get over how absolutely SCRUPDELICIOUS this pie was!! I ended up bringing it to work and serving it to guests at my parents party (including an MD house of congress rep! Woo!) and the consensus was “omg yum!!” Haha. There were a few apprehensive when I told them it was a “red kuri winter squash pie (much like pumpkin with cinnamon) sweetened with dates and agave nectar on coconut flour, and almond milk crust.” …That’s a lot of words people looked confused over lol. I should have just called it pumpkin pie and explained afterwards. Still, all those who tried were delighted by the taste so woo!